Financial assistance available to clients of Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services in Baltimore


Who is eligible?  Please consider all clients including refugees or other migrants. As always, we would like you to be aware of clients who have been disproportionately affected by financial hardships (women, elders, children, and clients with disabilities)

What financial needs are we trying to meet?  The COVID Emergency Fund is meant to meet emergency client financial needs. This may be due to lost wages because of layoffs, emergency medical costs for clients, emergency housing, emergency travel, or other loss of services in the wake of COVID-19

This fund is meant to augment existing community support structures. Please ensure that clients have exhausted all other means of support before applying for these funds. 

How much money is available?  From $25-$2,000 is the target disbursement amount. If a client needs more than $2,000, please be sure to provide supporting information in the application.

How do I apply?  Affiliate staff apply on behalf of clients by completing the LIRS Emergency Funds Application. Fill in the form to the best of your ability. If you are applying for multiple clients, please fill in the form again for each new client.  These funds are available to clients through our current affiliate network only.

How will money be transferred?  Emergency fund applications will be approved within one business day of receipt. Affiliates will provide funding to the clients directly. LIRS will reimburse the affiliate agency.